Detail of the contents of Gazette of Andhra Pradesh Notifications published in various Parts, Departments of Gazette

Type of Gazette Nature/Issuing Department
Part - I Municipal Administration , All Govt. Notifications ( Weekly )
Part - II Loss of certificate , Change of Names etc ( Weekly )
Hyderabad District Gazettes Hyderabad & Ranga Reddy district judicial notifications ( Weekly)
A4 size Part-I extraordinary gazettes Govt. Notifications
A4 size Part-II extraordinary gazettes All Heads of Departments Notifications regarding Change of Names etc
A5 size Part-V Extraordinary gazettes Election Department Notifications
A5 size Part-VII Extraordinary gazettes Administration of Panchayti Raj Notifications
A5 size Rules Supplement Part-I General Administration G.O.'s Services, All Heads of Departments Notifications
A5 Rules Supplement Part-III-B Ordinance
A5 Rules Supplement Part-IV-B Ordinance
A5 Rules Supplement Part-VII Panchayathi Raj Notifications